What to Look for in a Cleaning Company

Weston enjoying the outdoors

For some, shopping for a cleaning service is like shopping for a beautiful tree for their backyard and that peaceful garden bench to go with it. For them, just the thought of shopping sends shivers of joy through them and the anticipation of spending hours walking through a Pikes or other outdoor garden center is…

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You Might Be a Redneck If…

You have a soft red neck, weigh as much as a nickel, can fly backwards & enjoy your “Red Solo Cup” sipping!  If this sounds like you, then we are in love with you because you are quite amazing. I am referring to my all-time favorite feathered friend, the Ruby Throated Hummingbird. For the last…

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How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal

cleaning products to clean the garbage disposal using vinegar and baking soda

Have you lost your marbles? If you have a garbage disposal you’ve probably had that sinking feeling of “something” going into it. “Something” that requires you to delve into the depths of the disposal! Wouldn’t it be nice to search the disposal knowing it’s nice and clean? Check out our video on “Best Cleaning Tip…

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A Clean Home is a Happy Home

A healthy home begins with ph balanced water for drinking.

As I see it, a clean home is a healthy home and if you not only clean surfaces but you also clean the air , have clean drinking and bathing water, have good sleep, have magnetic support, have full-spectrum light support, and have organic nutrition then you have a healthier “Wellness Home” and a healthier…

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Decluttering For Your Health

Maid in America dusts furniture

Have you ever watched the popular program “The Hoarders” and secretly worried that was you? That somewhere under all the “stuff” is the skeletal remains of your long lost cat? Fortunately for us – most of us only fear that – we aren’t that. However – there is a very good reason to be aware…

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Why Vinegar is Your Best Friend


Okay – let’s talk straight. It stinks. But only for a few minutes! Vinegar is one of those household cleaning items that is the ultimate mutli-tasker. Using vinegar not only leaves your house sparkling clean, but it’s available in bulk in just about every grocery store and it’s cheap! I love using vinegar and it’s…

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