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Homeowners Associations

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HOA Services in Kennesaw, GA

Your HOA cleaning service can have a critical role in the success of your commercial property. It can be the difference between a property with happy occupants and one that's lying empty. You can't put your trust in any HOA cleaning service. If you're a property owner in Acworth, GA, Maid in America is your best choice. Contact us today for a thorough cleaning that’ll leave your property looking sparkly and fresh.


Why Choose Us

At Maid in America, we provide a comprehensive range of HOA cleaning services perfect for one-time, periodic, seasonal, or annual maintenance.

Comprehensive Cleaning

Sometimes, all your commercial property needs is a thorough cleaning for a more refined look. And perhaps a certain room or section needs special attention to get back to its best look.

Maid in America offers a top-to-bottom cleaning, ensuring that we don’t miss a thing. We work on cobwebs, baseboards, lighting fixtures, mirrors, fans, air vents, door handles, and light switches.

Pre- and Post-Event Clean-Up

Maid in America is an ideal solution for clean-up after a special event for clubhouses or other functions at your facilities, like holiday parties or regional conferences.

While cleaning after the event is important, we’re always available for a recommendable professional cleaning service to prepare your property for functions. After all, there’s only one chance to make an impressive first impression.

Pool House Cleaning Service

There’s that outbuilding at the poolside where guests can change into swimsuits without going into the main house, and the homeowners can store a plethora of pool maintenance accessories. The place is prone to dirt, and you might be tempted to neglect it, or maybe cleaning it seems a lot of work.

At Maid in America, we are here to handle all your pool house cleaning services. Whether you need our services for regular cleaning or special seasons, our cleaners pay attention to details for impressive results.

Restroom and Common Area Cleaning Services

Maid in America ensures the restroom and other common areas are free of all grime and trash that distracts from the aesthetic you’d love to portray. If you have a tennis court, we understand how important it is to keep your facility's restrooms clean and sanitized. Don’t hesitate to contact us for the same.

We understand that disruptions can upset the enjoyment of your facility users, so we work with your convenient schedule and remain as discreet as possible as we do our job. Schedule an appointment with us today at (770) 427-4448.