Weston enjoying the outdoors

For some, shopping for a cleaning service is like shopping for a beautiful tree for their backyard and that peaceful garden bench to go with it. For them, just the thought of shopping sends shivers of joy through them and the anticipation of spending hours walking through a Pikes or other outdoor garden center is a heavenly day for them! For others, it’s sheer, painstaking torture especially if you are the guy that has to dig the hole! But – the outcome is worth it when you are sitting in your backyard garden enjoying the melody of all the happy birds and fluttering butterflies! Your little green corner of heaven – ahh!

As a busy parent, career builder or a retiree just ready to enjoy the pleasure of life, having a clean home is like having that little green corner of heaven where you find a little more time to yourself. At Maid in America we strive to make it an experience that brings peace and joy to your life along with more time to yourself. Just as you know what you want in a beautiful backyard, the same can be said (if you really use your imagination!) for shopping for the right cleaning company. So… what do you look for?  Here are a few tips…

Do a little research starting with their website.

If they have a website that is an indication that they take their business seriously.  Some cleaners may just be looking for a little side money and when life happens chances are you will be left hanging.  A website should also tell you how long they have been in business which is an indication of experience. A website also puts then online to be found by reviewers which leads to the next tip…

What are others saying about them? 

It is not possible to please everyone all the time  so an occasional low rating may be seen but for the most part you should see happy client reviews.

Who will providing the supplies?

A professional cleaning company will take that chore off your hands, but will also be flexible enough to use any product you may have and prefer they use.  One such item might be that they use your vacuum to prevent cross-contamination from one home to the next. Maid in America prefers using yours for that very reason but can provide a clean vacuum if needed.

What kind of cleaning supplies will they be using?

As the world becomes more aware of the negative impact chemicals have on our health and environment it is best that your cleaning company provides greener and safer products.  They should provide products that do NOT contain Chlorine (bleach), formaldehyde, phosphates, unnatural fragrances, ammonia, phthalates or other harsh chemicals. http://bit.ly/OurGreenProducts

Do they carry liability insurance or will your homeowner policy be responsible?

What if your cleaner runs over your mailbox? Or what if they use a bleach containing product on your marble and ruin your counter tops?  Hopefully, they are trained and know what products to use on various surfaces. This is important to know! Always ask to see their proof of coverage to make sure they have it and that it is current.

Ask who will be coming into your home?

A professional would only allow a vetted technician and never allow another individual in your home who does not represent the cleaning company.  That would include NOT bringing a child to work with them as this poses as a liability to you. It is always a good idea to see identification on the cleaner when they arrive such as a name badge.

Always ask if they will be able to clean on a consistent day and a consistent schedule.

A professional company will not only provide a good day that is convenient to you, but will always let you know a time frame should you need to know.

Is there a system in place that allows you as the customer to provide feedback on your cleanings.

If so, this shows that they care about quality and the customer experience. Ask HOW you are allowed to give feedback.  Is it per visit, which is better than occasional. Also, ask if they have a Satisfaction Guaranteed policy. You want to know how you will communicate and what happens if you have a concern or issue you want to discuss? How accessible is the owner of the company?

The goal – have a cleaning company who is not careless but who cares!  So, just like sitting under your beautiful tree, you want to walk in your home and feel that same decompression of ‘ahh’!

Would you like to feel that “ahhh?”  Contact us today for an estimate.