Maid in America's Star Technician is TORI GRUBBS!

Originally From: Athens, Ga

Favorite Motto:  to pay attention to detail, do the work, and learn something new everyday.

Family: married to Jack Cline; mom and dad (Geoff &Tina Murphy) live in Grayson, Ga; mother and father in law (April and Bill Cline) live in Adairsville. I have two sisters and two brother in laws.

Hobbies and/or interests: hiking, exploring antique stores, UGA football, cooking shows (and attempting to replicate the recipes).

Pets: a cat named Dhalia and a yorkie named Scooter (they sometimes get along when I tempt them with treats).

Favorite cleaning tip to share with others: FLOORS!! Don’t neglect them. You use them every day. Find a good vacuum (personally I’m a huge fan of the Shark Rocket or others like it that have the carpet-to-hardwood feature and are lightweight) and a good broom/sweeper and get the dirt and dust up. Then mop those hardwoods. I love what some diluted white vinegar and a flat mop head can do to floors. Gosh they look so pretty when they are done!!

What you like most about your job: who I work for, hands down! Vicky is about as high class as they come– full of integrity, character, encouragement, and kindness and Ashley makes sure that everything flows so smoothly and that I always feel prepared and encouraged. It’s easy to enjoy my job when I work for people who are so great!