I’ll show you how to be that cleanest house on the block without wearing out your nails!

We all know ‘that’ person.  My daughter, Ashley, is one of those persons and I’ll bet you know someone as well.  They might seem like the busiest person you know and still they always seem to have the cleanest house of anyone you know down to the white glove swipe along the floors, not to mention TIDY even with kids!  So here is how they do it and I’ll show you that you can too!

They Always Make Their Beds

They would never dream of leaving their house without making the beds first.  Some of them do this before their coffee even or immediately after rolling out of bed.  Most of us keep those doors shut thinking it seems silly to do those beds when they will just get all messy later that evening anyway – like, what’s the point!  Here’s your challenge…try it tomorrow morning I will wager a bet that it will bring a smile to your face when you return home.  It declutters the head!

They Never Wear Shoes in The House

Doesn’t it drive you batty to have cleaned the floors, especially after paying a maid service, then someone walks in only to track dirt throughout!  How frustrating.  In walks the germ-fest, not just dirt.  Even though shoes may even appear clean just think about where they have walked all day – gas stations, Wal-Mart, public bathrooms, etc.  Get a nice shoe box at each entry and tell those who enter that the drop off is right there.  You could even leave a can of disinfectant to spray shoe bottoms if the shoe box isn’t for your family.  Don’t forget the fur baby paws too!

They Clean as They Go

We’ve all been there. You make a delicious meal, have a fun night with friends, and then there is the mountain of dishes. It’s tempting to leaving the mess until the next day, but clean people avoid this tragedy by cleaning as they go. Done with a pan? Give it a quick wash in the sink rather than tossing it on the “dirty” pile. After cooking, simply give it all with a quick wipe.  A little effort goes a long way.

They Keep the Air Fresh

If you’ve ever walked into your friend’s home and been blown away by how clean and fresh it smells, odds are that didn’t just happen. Whether they diffuse essential oils, light a fragrant candle or simply open the window every once in a while to beckon fresh air indoors, keeping the air fresh is an intentional action.  They might even place a few drops of lemon essential oil in all the garbage cans while adding a little sprinkle of baking soda to the kitchen can.  Try a drop on the dried flower arrangement in the dining room while you are at it.

They Put Things Away Immediately

No more jackets on the bed, shoes on the floor or keys on the counter. If you want a clean house, you have to get into the habit of always putting things away immediately or you end up with constant clutter. Your environment will never seem clean if whenever you finally put one thing away, there are two new things waiting to be put away. Hanging coat and/or key hooks just inside the front door so you can immediately and conveniently hang things. And if you’ve got a bedroom chair that is nothing but a clothes collector, it may be time to relocate that chair.

They Never Go to Bed With a Dirty Sink

Out of every suggestion, this may be the biggest game changer. Honestly, your house could be an unorganized mess, but if you have a clean sink and kitchen, everything will be okay. Dishes left overnight are a haven for bugs, mice and offensive odors. If you clean one thing each day, let it be the kitchen sink!


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