Hello loyal Maid in America community!

In light of this Corona Virus I want to address what our team is doing to continue safeguarding your environment, what you can do to keep your home healthier & why you want to stay on top of it all.  Lastly, not to panic, but just be prepared and know your precautionary plan of action.

Our policies spell out the importance of communicating with us and with us communicating with you regarding illness.  Our guarantee is that we will not come into your home with a contagious illness especially a flu type which is highly contagious.  We ask the same.  You may notice that our technicians will be wearing a mask if needed or upon request by you as well as gloves.  She will not be offended with your request and we are sure you would understand the importance of our safeguarding procedures.

Your home will be happier with our cleaning techniques and disinfecting products, especially during this time.  Many of you have those fabulous "end of month project" benefits for the free time to assign your cleaning angel a cleaning project.  I have some great suggestions you may want to implement over the next few months to keep your home even healthier so I will list a few here.  I'll leave some links as well.

If you are a monthly or occasional client we will gladly exchange the "1st of month dusting details" (blinds, sills, ceiling fans, lights fixtures & lamp shades) for a disinfecting detail. Anyone can request this exchange.  Since surfaces can carry germs for days we must all be diligent in cleaning & disinfecting.  The first step is cleaning and research states that simple washing is the first most important step in breaking down a virus germ, then disinfecting.  Here are a few items to request:

For the "End of Month" project time assignments (FREE to weekly/bi-weekly clients) you can request our new "Hot Spots Disinfecting Detail Package":
- All wall light switches/plates

- All door knobs (both sides) & dead bolts

- One item from below...

Be sure she clearly understands your preferences:
- All remote controls
- Middle part of door frames that get touched most
- Light switches inside lamps
- Knobs on lower cabinetry.  We already clean top eye-level knobs
- W/D knobs
- Wand or pulleys that open blinds

- Wash hands often throughout the day and as soon as you get home .   Teach the kids the 15 second rule for time needed in the water with soap to truly get rid of germs.  We also tell our little guy that its like the time it takes to brush your teeth.
- Spray toothbrushes with apple cider vinegar in between uses, leave on 30 seconds then rinse.  It's recommended to get new toothbrush after colds, flu or other bugs.  They can also be put in dishwasher.

- Open windows when weather permits.    See our March Madness blog for information on indoor air:
- Close toilet lid BEFORE flushing.
- Get indoor plants (see March Madness blog).

OTHER TIPS are coming soon in our April newsletter but for now here are a few to keep in mind:
- Cells phones and public phones are huge at harboring germs so keep them disinfected as often as you wash your hands.

- Keep disposable cloths (ie: paper towels) handy when pumping gas into your vehicle so your skin doesn't touch.
- Use a disinfecting wipe on devices at check-out before you touch or immediately clean hands after.

- Don't shake hands or hug (maybe the pretend hug or fist bump).

- Use a paper towel to open public doors or your shirt.
- Wipe down grocery cart handle with sanitizing wipe.
- Use finger knuckle to press elevator buttons then disinfect or wash hands.  These areas are loaded with germs!

- If you can't find hand sanitizer, make your own using 3 parts water to 1 part vinegar or alcohol (roughly) and add favorite essential oil for fragrance if desired.  Shake and put in spray bottle or use old t-shirt squares and saturate those with your solution then carry in zip lock bag.  Call me for more ideas:)  Watch our FB page too:  https://www.facebook.com/wecleancorners/
- Throw pillows in the dryers hot heat cycle for 10 minutes after illness (& even during in my opinion).

We are glad you have chosen Maid in America to keep your home healthy and green.  Enjoy the below links as well.


The Reason for the Season: why flu strikes in winter

Stay clean and green and DON'T PANIC!