At Maid in America, we are often asked about TIPPING. Whether you tip or not should never affect the quality of your cleaning service.  Your cleaners should always strive to provide you with the highest quality cleaning as long as you have hired a professional cleaning service with a good reputation.

When asked we simply tell our clients that it is not an expectation, however, our technicians are always thankful for any generosity.  Our guide on the amount is to follow your heart even if the gratuity is a small amount.  In any service industry, tipping is always a great way to show just how much someone is appreciated especially in an industry that provides loving labor.  Simply put, our cleaning angels love providing a service that gives families back some of their time.

How much should you tip?

Since you ask, here is a brief guide.  In all honestly, just like a food server, it is nice to leave a small amount of gratuity at each cleaning. This varies from small to large size cleanings, like small to large meals, but a nice typical gesture would range anywhere from $10- $20 per visit.  A tip may even be added to a credit card payment, or via cash in a clearly-marked envelope to bring an immediate smile to your cleaners’ faces. We actually provide a private tipping envelope for our sweet clients when requested.  Most cleaning companies instruct their cleaners not to touch any cash lying around a client’s home since it might not be intended for them which is why placing a cash tip inside a clearly-marked envelope or with a Post-it note lets the cleaner know the money is definitely meant for them.

It’s also a thoughtful option to consider leaving your regular cleaning technician a bonus for the holiday season, at the end of the year, or for their birthday.  If your cleaning company rotates different cleaners to your home & you are wanting to leave a holiday tip you can designate on the outside of an envelope who your tip is for.  It is a good idea to also let the company know.

To sum up, while it is entirely at your discretion, tipping your cleaners is a nice gesture and goes a long way to passing along a bit of gratitude toward the people who love and care for your home.