Most people don’t think about cleaning when they think about breast cancer but I sure do and you can bet my business changed when I heard my doctor say, “you have breast cancer”!  As a matter of fact, I am sitting on my back deck watching my husband wash his Harley and I couldn’t resist saying, “I would be more inspired to write this article if you were half naked” (as in waste up).  Yes, I know that is shallow, but hey, we are married and I adore the man who is partly responsible for how I now do breast care!

My husband is a professor at KSU and is very connected to science!  He is the reason I decided to do more research on my own health journey because I am uniquely designed by the Creator just like you!  Every thumb print is unique and so is every health diagnosis because of many factors such as DNA, daily exercise, diet contributions and so forth.  Our medical professionals are truly gifts from God, but not the end all resource to a decision that determines what you will do next if you have been told you have CANCER and in my case breast cancer.

Every woman is given an amount of beauty based on her God-given physical attributes as well as her emotional wiring.  God really knew what he was doing when he gave her all the curves to allure Adam’s attention.  Her breasts are one allure and if it is that allure alone then it is very shallow, but any woman would say that her femininity is partly related to her breasts and hearing you have breast cancer is quite scary.  When I heard I had a breast cancer my world took a major shift and that was with me being given the most non-invasive breast cancer diagnosis.  Imagine my pink sisters who have been given the more serious, invasive diagnoses!

OK, so I knew I had to ask myself, “WHY, HOW, & WHAT NOW” because for one, it wasn’t in my family history.  “Why” me?  Was it the birth control pills I took for years?  Was it something I was exposed to environmentally?  This is where my journey of self-educating began!  Then, I was introduced to Suzanne Somers by a dear friend who was an avid exercise instructor at my local ‘Y’.  My friend had been given the same diagnosis as myself and Somers as having DCIS, ductal carcinoma in situ, which is actually the best breast cancer to have but I didn’t know that.

You may be asking, “what does this have to do with cleaning”.  The one largest risk factor for all of us who could receive any kind of cancer and especially ‘breast cancer’ is what your environmental influences may be.  I found so many studies that related cancers to chemicals that we are exposed to and one exposure being from ingredients within cleaning products.  It is predicted that 12% of women in the United States will develop breast cancer over the course of their lifetime.  The chance that a woman will die from breast cancer is about 1 in 37 (about 2.7%).  About 80% of breast cancers are not related to family history, which leads to environmental influences.   Since this is the case, perhaps PREVENTION is the key.   My personal story details more on prevention and I highly encourage you to read it here:

Let’s talk about PREVENTION.  The first and easiest form of prevention is making a decision to prevent your own personal exposure within your home from as many chemicals as you possible starting with cleaning products.  Prior to my diagnosis, my cleaning company was using the typical national cleaning brands like Scrubbing Bubbles with Chlorox, Pine-Sol, Fabulousa, and so on.  These cleaners are loaded with chemicals that are not healthy and there are plenty of resources that explain it.

I am happy that I now use products that are free of toxic ingredients that can affect my health, my client’s health & my staff’s health as well as the health of our planet.

Let’s all make a contribution to society by making better decisions for our own health.  Get rid of the toxic chemicals!

If you are a breast cancer patient call us to hear more about our partnership with Cleaning for a Reason providing free cleanings to breast cancer patients.  You deserve it!