Maid in America | A Family Owned Business


Vicky V. Bates is the CEO  and founder of the family owned business - Maid In America. She is a wife, author, business woman, mom, grandmom and breast cancer survivor. Vicky has shared her story on her personal website – . She talks about the research she did in combating breast cancer. She also talks about the steps she takes daily to prevent a recurrence.

Maid in America is also proud to participate in Cleaning for a Reason, a program designed for women battling cancer. Read more about Cleaning for a Reason.

Ashley DeClue is Maid in America's outstanding Business Manager - and my daughter!   She is the glue that holds it all together day to day while maintaining a sweet & professional disposition in all circumstances.   As a family owned business, you can rest assured that we are passionate & driven to ensure top of the line quality service to our clients.

A Little Glimpse of Our Family!